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Landscape planning and design overview

Division for Urban/Rural Community Landscape Planning and Design is a global provider of professional services in landscape architectural design and planning, ecological restoration and environmental research. With almost 25 years of professional experience for both the public and private sector, co-founder and Principal Sonja Mitrović and the design team are committed to exceeding the expectations of all clients by consistently breaking new ground and setting precedents in the areas of integrated planning and design.

Having earned a reputation for responsive and effective services, our team approaches all projects with a unique combination of community and ecological sensitivity that results in the generation of solutions that are innovative, environmentally responsible and practical. Our primary goals are SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS and GREEN BUILDING design philosophy. We strive to achieve balanced ecological, social and functional objectives while actively involving stakeholders and the public in design and decision-making process.

We understand the needs of clients, and we provide them with attractive, functional and sustainable design that suites their budget and scheduling requirements. Our unique approach is based on four guiding principles related to environment, stakeholders and clients:

  • Understanding
  • Sensitivity
  • Innovation
  • Responsibility


We have a proven record of demonstrating efficient project management and effective consultation. The strength of the solutions is our ability to combine the practical and technical considerations of projects with aesthetical, contextual and environmental sensitivity. We provide services for:

Site planning and design as well as Landscape planning and design

  • Site analysis and planning
  • Master planning
  • Conceptual design development
  • Working drawings preparation and detailed design
  • Construction details and specifications
  • Presentations
  • Tender document preparation
  • Contract management

Ecological Restoration

Ecological restoration refers to 4R philosophy related to environmental sustainability: rehabilitation, reclamation, re-creation and recovery of severely degraded lands. These efforts may be conducted on either a small-scale (e.g. tree planting efforts) or may involve major human and technical efforts (e.g. re-creation of wetlands, acid lake neutralization). We provide consulting services as well as studios for following types of projects:

  • Ecosystem restoration
  • Environmental restoration
  • Waterfront Revitalization
  • Wetland restoration and design
  • Erosion control
  • Costal and Marine protection
  • Water stream preservation and restoration
  • Vegetation assessment, preservation and management