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YMSD Consulting


YMSD Consulting is a global provider of engineering, consulting and management services. Continually striving to balance economic, environmental, and social responsibilities, we are recognized as an innovator in the delivery of sustainable solutions and high quality services. Our professional consultants, engineers, planners and technicians are linked across a network of offices in North America and Europe.

YMSD Consulting has always offered a diverse range of services. This multidisciplinary approach energizes the firm and creates synergies among our design professionals. It is also streamlines our service to client. Many companies prefer to work with one firm that can help with all their needs from strategic planning to local design implementation process.


YMSD Consulting provides the following services: consulting, planning, design and implementation of projects. Our facilities in the USA, Canada and Europe are enable us to support clients and projects of all scales, both globally and locally. We are just as comfortable helping new small company in a neighbourhood as we are planning a new corporation abroad.

Our clients may choose from menu of services:

  • Engineering
  • Urban/Rural Community Design & Planning and Landscape Architectural Design & Planning
  • Business management


Since our founding in 2002, geographical expansion to serve clients has been an YMSD Consulting hallmark. Our team has no geographic boundaries. Linked by advance technology, YMSD Consulting brigs global resources and knowledge of local cultures to each assignment.


To ensure quality of services and projects, YMSD team goals are:

  • Integrative sustainable planning and designing process
  • QS 2000 certification
  • EMS – ISO 14000 certification
  • LEED certification


Our vision is to become a top 100 globally recognized firm in consulting and design industry. In order to meet this objective, we continuously expand depth and breadth of our professional services in order to improve the ability to serve global clients.

We believe continuous growth will increase shareholder value and give YMSD employees the opportunity to work with the best clients on the best projects and to provide the highest quality of services through:

  • Integrity – We embrace the highest standards of personal and professional integrity. Our business principles are never compromised.
  • People – Our people are our most important competitive resource; ultimately people determine our reputation and vitality. We respect and value input and opinion, and encourage self-improvement, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.
  • Teamwork – Teamwork is fundamental to our culture. We take pride in each other’s achievements and treat each other with trust and respect.
  • Clients – Our professional services are the end results of our efforts, and they should be the best in our clients’ eyes. Being the best means striving for excellence, consistency, and effectiveness.
  • Profit – Profit is the ultimate measure of how efficiently we provide clients with the best professional services for their needs. Profit is required to succeed, grow, and add economic, environmental, and social value to our firm and society in general.


Our mission is to counsel and guide our clients wisely and with integrity toward the successful application of our expertise in science, technology and management to implement SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS in a wide rank of the projects. To contribute positively to our world, YMSD Consulting has adopted a triple bottom line approach, embracing and acting on our economic, environmental, and social responsibilities. We manage our opportunities and risks to find solutions that meet the needs of the present and contribute to sustainability of the future for the generations ahead. That mission is based on wide range of activities that:

  • Promote the growth of SUSTAINABLE design and planning practice in both private and public sectors;
  • Develop training program for SUSTAINABLE solutions in the design and planning;
  • Foster public understanding of SUSTAINABLE principles and practice among clients and communities;
  • Collaborate with other organizations with the shared vision;

Meet Our Team

Dan M. Pušica

Principal, Division for Engineering

Sonja Mitrović

Principal, Division for Urban & Rural Planning, Landscape Planning and Design

Prof. Živko Mitrović, PhD

Director of Division for Business Management